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Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart | Speeding

You have been there - running late, spilled coffee on your work shirt, car keys somehow seem to have disappeared. So, you decide to speed in an effort to get to work on time. Maybe you decide to speed up and swerve in front of a particularly slow driver just to get to the red light first. Your teen sees this behavior and chances are your teen will emulate it too.

Teenage boys have been infamously known to blow off some teenage male angst by grossly exceeding the speed limit, but don’t think your little princesses aren’t doing it, too!

  • Speeding tickets in most states range from $200-$500. Make it clear to your teen that if they are issued such a ticket, you will not be paying for it. Based on the circumstances of the incident, this may just be the first of the consequences.
  • Most teens don’t know that speeding can be considered reckless driving, and that comes with a hefty fine and the possibility of imprisonment.
  • Lead by example. Stick to the speed limit yourself and show your teens that racing up to the red light doesn’t get you anywhere, any faster.