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Drinking and Driving

Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart | Drinking and Driving

As your teen travels through the adventurous stages of adolescence, they will inevitably be faced with the pressure of alcohol. The best way to prevail over peer pressure is to make sure your teen knows that if they want certain privileges they must act responsibly. Under no circumstances should a teen drive drunk or engage in underage drinking.

Here are a couple tips to help you be sure your teen not only abstains from drinking, but driving while drunk.

  • Make sure your teen knows that if he or she ever feels unable to drive, to always call you instead of getting behind the wheel or in another car.
  • Set a curfew and stick to it.
  • Set up a texting ritual. A quick text message will let you know that they have arrived to their destination safely or are about to head home. Note, this text should never be sent while your teen is behind the wheel.
  • If you’re sure your teen was drinking, let them know you knew that he or she was around alcohol, and while you’re disappointed, you’re more worried about the behavior. This level of understanding will make your teen feel safe to open up to you, and will allow you to have a deeper discussion about the consequences of drinking and driving.
  • Take away car privileges if problems persist. If your teen breaks curfew or forgets to text you, take the keys away.