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Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart | Distractions

Since your teen is new to driving, he or she doesn’t have the experience to recognize distractions and may not be aware how dangerous they may be.

How can you warn your teen about the dangers of distracted driving without sounding like a broken record? Read the information below and share the ones that you think might resonate the most with you teen.

  • In most states, teen drivers are only allowed to have one other teenage passenger in the car at any given time. If you notice your teen is acting like a car service for their friends, enforce this law in your house.
  • Noise pollution does exist, and there are laws in place to prevent it. Let your teens in on the fines one disgruntled neighbor can inflict if they call the police.
  • Don’t let your teens have a car of their own until they can prove they can handle it. If they share the car with you or a sibling, chances are they won’t be able to have unlimited access to the vehicle.
  • At the end of the day, remember that you are the boss. You make the rules and are responsible for seeing them through. And, most importantly, you set the example.