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TDS Driving Experience

FAQ: Requirements

What are the requirements to participate?

A valid learner’s permit or driver’s license is required to participate in the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience. You must bring your permit or license with you to the driving event to register and to get behind the wheel of our cars. We recommend that all Teens Drive Smart attendees have at least 30 hours of driving experience prior to participating in our program. It also is recommended to have experience driving on the interstate.

What should I bring or wear?

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothes (shirt and shoes required) as you will be taking part in a variety of hands-on experiences. Please wear closed-toe shoes — no sandals/flip-flops. Please dress appropriately for the expected weather, as you will be outside for much of the session.

Are parents required to attend the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience?

Parents are not required to stay on-site during the session, but we would encourage you to stay and accompany your teen through the modules as the program provides some driving reminders, such as modeling proper driving habits and enforcing rules of responsible driving.