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TDS Driving Experience

FAQ: Registration and Certificates

Do I need to register to attend the event?

Yes. Participants need to register in advance of the event here so we can manage each session’s attendance and reserve your space. All registrants will be required to sign waiver forms prior to participating. Sessions tend to fill up quickly, so registering early is important. If you discover the event you would like to register for is full, you can sign up for the event wait list on our website.

Those on the wait list are encouraged to attend the event with the chance that registrants cancel or don’t show up. Unregistered walk-ups will be accommodated only after registered attendees and wait list members on-site at the event have been processed.

Do I need to fill anything out at the event?

Registrants and wait list members will be required to enter all information and sign waiver forms online in order to complete registration. Registered participants will only be required to show their learner’s permit or driver’s license and complete a short survey at check-in. If we can accommodate them, unregistered walk-ups will be required to complete all waiver and information forms on-site the day of the event.

Is there any cost associated with the event?

No. The Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience is free.

What does it mean to be on the waitlist? How does that work and how will I be notified if there’s an opening?

Being on the waitlist means the event is above capacity. Registrants will have the ability to cancel via their unique profile page on our website prior to the event. If there is a cancellation, the first person to sign up on the waitlist will be notified via email and text (if opted in) and registered for the event. The next in line will be notified via email and text (if opted in) and registered if there are more cancellations prior to the event. If a registrant does not show up for the event, the next person listed on the waitlist that is present will be registered.

How do I get my certificate?

Following the event, all participants will be emailed or texted (if opted in) asking to complete the post-event survey located on their unique profile page on our website. Once the survey is completed, the participant will be provided the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience certificate of program completion.