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TDS Driving Experience

FAQ: Participation

Will completion of the course qualify my son/daughter for reduced insurance premiums?

Each state has different regulations, and all insurance companies have different criteria for discounts. Please check with your individual insurance provider.

If I cannot attend my scheduled time, what should I do?

If you cannot attend at your scheduled time, please visit your unique profile page on our website and click the cancellation button. This will allow us to contact someone on the wait list and give them the opportunity to attend. If you would like to attend a session in a different time slot, please send us a message by clicking the email link on your unique profile page. Event sessions are typically filled to capacity, but we will try to accommodate those who need to reschedule.

How long does the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience last?

Each session is approximately three and a half hours long, which includes an introduction to the program, a rotation of six modules and a closing message.

Will I be driving a vehicle?

Yes. Attendees will drive vehicles in a controlled setting on a variety of closed course exercises with a professional driving instructor in the passenger seat.

Do participants have to drive their own cars?

No, vehicles are provided for participants to drive during the program.

Who teaches the teen's driving lessons and ensures they are safe on-site at events?

Teens learn from professional drivers who have spent years perfecting their craft on the racing circuit and competing on different levels for various championship titles. Several of these professionals have stunt driving backgrounds and have appeared in commercials, TV shows and feature films. The program’s instructors always stress the importance of safety during each behind-the-wheel activity.

What happens it it rains?

The event will be held rain or shine. In the event of a thunderstorm or severe weather warning, onsite staff will monitor the situation, paying particular attention to the prevalence of lightning. If lightning is observed, Bridgestone will immediately end the Driving Experience event.