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TDS Driving Experience

FAQ: Overview

What is the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience?

The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience is a free, half-day interactive workshop designed to teach new drivers the skills needed to help avoid accidents and eliminate distracted driving behaviors. Each session includes classroom instruction that reinforces smart decision making on the road, and hands-on driving exercises — staged on a supervised, closed course — that demonstrate various vehicle dynamics, such as traction control, steering and electronic stability control, and ways to respond in less-than-ideal driving situations.

Here’s a link to highlights of last year’s program.

What is the objective of this program?

The objective of the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience is to help newer drivers become smarter drivers by educating them on how to improve their driving skills, what distracted driving is and how distracted driving affects all of us on the road. Teens learn potentially life-saving driving maneuvers, how to avoid the dangers of distracted driving and tips for keeping their vehicles running at peak performance. We see that the young drivers who complete the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience are much better prepared to navigate today’s roads.

Why does Bridgestone do this?

Bridgestone is dedicated to safe driving. As the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, we believe an important way for us to make a difference is by educating young drivers behind the wheel. That’s why we created the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience. We’re equipping the next generation of drivers with the knowledge and skills to become safer on the road.

How is the Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience different than standard driver education courses?

Typical driver training courses focus on teaching the basic rules of the road in routine driving conditions. The Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience provides the forum to go beyond what is taught in a standard driver training class by increasing a participant’s knowledge of car control techniques, including skid control and accident avoidance. In addition, participants learn to identify and monitor distracted driving behaviors and to better understand the role of distracted driving in traffic accidents.

How long has the program been in existence?

The Teens Drive Smart program started in 2010.