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The Social Event of the Year

The Social Event of the Year

It’s prom!

The boys usually just roll their eyes but to us girls, it can be one of the biggest social events of the year. There are so many decisions to make.

What color should my dress be? Where are we eating dinner? Should I wear my hair up or down? Flats or heels?

All of these choices are vital to the perfect prom, but there is one question that trumps them all: How are we getting there?

Your safest option is to hire a car service. It can be a cool, retro town car for just you and your date or a souped-up limo for all of your friends. This will help you (and your parents) be worry-free throughout the night knowing you have a guaranteed safe ride home.

Or your date could drive you. Just you and him on the open road, how romantic! Just make sure he keeps his hands at the 9 and 3.

Many tend to make it a group ordeal by riding with friends. This sounds like a blast, but remember, more people means more distractions. Make sure the driver is able to stay focused and alert.

Whatever your choice of transportation, make sure you trust the driver and feel comfortable getting in the car. And always have a back-up plan. Put some extra cash in your pocket and have the number for a cab stored in your phone (just in case).

Make smart decisions. You will want to remember this night for the rest of your life.