A Reciprocal of Teen Drivers

by Param Bodiwala - First Place Winner


by Joshua Chitwood - Second Place Winner

Learn Early

by Miguel Arango - Third Place Winner

My Distractions

by Mark Araya - Critics Choice

Don’t Text and Drive

by Douglas Robinson

It Can Wait

by Andy Checketts

You Won’t Hurt Their Feelings

by Constancia Malahias

Save a Life

by Kimberly Schiazza


by Gigi Peccolo


by Clayton Thompson

Driving is Beautiful

by Nicole Ricketts - First Place Winner

Technically Almost Legal

by Tosh Chambers - Second Place Winner

Safe Driver!

by Natalie Barrios - Third Place Winner

Times Not to Text

by Martha Lavytsky - Critics Choice

Rules of the Road

by Adam Wall

Thumbs - The Dark Side

by Devon Roura

The Teenager

by Ryan Molton

Seat Belt Swagger

by Michael Dwares


by Michael Dhalliwal

Wake up

by Alexis Wilson

Break Bad Habits

by Austin Piedra - First Place Winner

The Risk You Choose

by Barry Oshiba - Second Place Winner

Great Things Ahead

by David Ramirez - Third Place Winner

Words Unspoken

by Colby Cook - Critics Choice

Don’t Drowse and Drive

by Micah Edwards

Obvious Distraction

by Nate Murray

Driving With Ninja Focus

by Joseph Halton

How to Get in a Car Accident

by Veronika Hill

Safe Driving Saves Lives

by Riley Koidahl

The Note

by Karissa Simyab