A Reciprocal of Teen Drivers

by Param Bodiwala - First Place Winner


by Joshua Chitwood - Second Place Winner

Learn Early

by Miguel Arango - Third Place Winner

My Distractions

by Mark Araya - Critics Choice

It Can Wait

by Andy Checketts


by Gigi Peccolo


by Clayton Thompson

Save a Life

by Kimberly Schiazza

Don’t Text and Drive

by Douglas Robinson

You Won’t Hurt Their Feelings

by Constancia Malahias

Driving is Beautiful

by Nicole Ricketts - First Place Winner

Technically Almost Legal

by Tosh Chambers - Second Place Winner

Safe Driver!

by Natalie Barrios - Third Place Winner

Times Not to Text

by Martha Lavytsky - Critics Choice

Seat Belt Swagger

by Michael Dwares

The Teenager

by Ryan Molton

Wake up

by Alexis Wilson

Thumbs - The Dark Side

by Devon Roura

Rules of the Road

by Adam Wall


by Michael Dhalliwal

Break Bad Habits

by Austin Piedra - First Place Winner

The Risk You Choose

by Barry Oshiba - Second Place Winner

Great Things Ahead

by David Ramirez - Third Place Winner

Words Unspoken

by Colby Cook - Critics Choice

Don’t Drowse and Drive

by Micah Edwards

Driving With Ninja Focus

by Joseph Halton

Obvious Distraction

by Nate Murray

How to Get in a Car Accident

by Veronika Hill

Safe Driving Saves Lives

by Riley Koidahl

The Note

by Karissa Simyab