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National Teen Driver Safety Week

The 6th annual National Teen Driver Safety Week is set for October 14-20 this year. The week was established by the U.S. Congress in 2007. Two lawmakers from Pennsylvania wanted to encourage awareness and change after a series of car crashes involving teens happened in their home state.

Maybe your school is already doing something in honor of the week. If not, this could be your chance to get involved and help launch a campaign. Whether it’s a challenge to your classmates to buckle up or put the cell phone away when they’re driving, anything you can think of that promotes the benefits of safe driving is important and beneficial.

You may want to consider handing out our parent/teen contract. It’s an agreement between you and your Mom and Dad that gives you some freedom as a driver, as long as you agree to be a safe and smart behind the wheel.

Whatever you decide to do - make the week turn into a lifelong pledge of safe driving.